Why Use Adobe Acrobat to Create PDF's
Commercial and Quick printers are changing how they accept digital documents and publications created by customers. Because of new workflow methods, printers are bypassing native application files and asking customers to submit their documents and publications as PostScript or PDF (Portable Document Format) files. These new workflow methods can save you money and time.

Customers use hundreds of different software programs to create publications and documents. Most printers, however, can only afford to support a few of the more popular programs such as Microsoft Office Publisher, Microsoft Office Word, QuarkXPress, Adobe PageMaker, and Adobe InDesign.

When a printer supports a file in its native form, several problems can develop due to customer design errors or printing production issues. Files fail to print properly if customers don't include the fonts or don't correctly identify colors in the publication. The printer may need to paginate or impose the document to print several images on the sheet of paper to take advantage of printing efficiencies. It is difficult for a printer to be an expert in every software program, and such complications add costs to the printing order.

When you create a document or publication on your computer for your commercial printer, you are becoming part of the printer's workflow. You must work closely with the printer to make sure your document or publication is assembled according to the printer's digital specifications. The printer has established certain parameters for dealing with digital files that allow the files to flow easily through the system. If you do not follow the printer's procedures, your order could be delayed or the cost increased.

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